Sunday, March 27, 2005

Looks like my son wants to be an artist too...

One of my son's, Stone, is really starting to take to art as well. He recently did some very cool work on our garage floor. Since he is having so much fun with it I decided to let him start up his own home page. If you want to see his work just click on the link below:

Hope you like his work!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

"Luxurious" copyright 2005 todd v Posted by Hello

"In the Naughty Chair" inspired by the tv show Supernanny, I created this piece for a childrens show at Local Girl Gallery, in Lakewood, Ohio. Copyright 2005 todd v Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Foiled Again - office pranks gone bad!

Foiled - brought to you by Jeremy! Posted by Hello
So this has been brewing for some time now, and I was wondering how long it would take for Jeremy to exact his revenge for the tp-ing that occured in his cubicle only a few weeks ago... well, I guess we have our answer. Also we now know that Jeremy has tooooo much time on his hands!


Foiled again! - Posted by Hello

"Its only metal?"

Okay, I have a completely nutty story to relate this morning. And as stories go its not so amazing or anything... Its more about what there person said to me, I was incredulous.

So I take my family out to a local Mexican restaurant, we'll call it El Cramp-esino, to protect the innocent. Now, the food is average, but you can't beat the prices. I mean I can get a sit down dinner in a restaurant for 6 bux! So, its a no brainer when you don't want to eat at home, but you don't have a ton of cash.

I am enjoying a particularly large beef burrito and shooting the breeze with some friends when I detect something is amiss. You know the feeling, you are chewing away, and then... whoa, what was that? Your tongue starts the exploration mission. Slowing trolling the interior of your mouth seeking out this foreign object. You can't find it at first, so you continue chewing, but more cautiously this time... crunch... There it is again! Its not quite bone, but you know its not FOOD! What in the world is it. The tongue continues its patrol. (By the way while all of this is going on, you usually keep acting like nothing is happening. You don't want to needlessly gross out your dining companions, until we are aware of the identity of the intruder..)

Click - there it is... I carefully wrangle the object to the front of your mouth, all the while my brain is going crazy trying to determine its origin. Carefully I turn aside from my dining companions to hide the fact that something that I was dining on is now making a grand re-appearance at the table.

I pull out this thing to examine it, and what do I find? Its a metal twist tie! With of course some of the decorative red paper still hanging on all gross and mixed with pintos. SICK! Now my stomach starts to turn. (Of course, I know that its an irrational response, as a twist tie in itself is not so gross, but you start to wonder what ELSE is in your food.) My friends are now equally grossed out and demand that I bring this to the attention to my server. I call her over and show her what I have discovered in #8. The Burrito Especial, and this is where we are all blown away.... She replies with some disdain. "Ees only metal"...


What kind of reaction is that? I expected an "I am sorry", or "please forgive us"... But no! Ees only metal!!! As if to say, "what a wimp! People usually only complain when they find a body part" Ees only metal, means to me that much worse is USUALLY found in the Burrito Especial. Like I should be happy it was only metal. Aye! This may be my last visit to the Crampesino for some time. I don't think I am ready to engage in the mystery food lottery any time soon. Especially considering that I apparently was a winner this time around. Who knows what I may find on my next visit...?

"Ees only a mouse"
"Ees only a leetle rat"
"Ees only used chewing gum"
"Ees only a leetle beet of finger"

Okay, I am done now. And I am not hungry again....

Friday, March 18, 2005

"In the morning" - One of my favorite pieces created with a heavy dose of tequila in the paint. copyright 2005 todd v Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

remote blogging

now you are in real trouble because i can blog from anywhere at anytime!

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Thats enough advertising for now!

I was recently featured on Fox Television's Morning Show (the morning of 03.15.05). The painting you see here between the two anchors was created live on tv that morning from 6am-9am. It was a total blast! I am scheduled to return this summer ('05). Posted by Hello

A cool shot I got of a Tiger in the snow at the Cleveland Zoo. todd v copyright 2005 Posted by Hello

I was commissioned to create a guitar for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland, Ohio. This piece was eventually sold at a live auction at the Rock Hall, in November 2004 Posted by Hello

Here is a picture from one of my recent shows at a local coffee house - todd v copyright 2005 Posted by Hello

This is a dog sculpture that I painted for a benefit we held at the gallery I work with. My friend created the dogs in ceramic, and then we distribute the dogs to area artists to sell in an auction. I painted this dog "by hand", and when I say by hand I mean literally with my hands all covered in paint. I named him "Flower Puppy" Posted by Hello

Just wanted to share some of my recent art...

I wanted to test out the whole Picasa - Hello thing and post some of my latest works. If you like them please feel free to post some comments... if you don't like them please feel free to go away.

You can see all of the art I have for sale at my page -

or on my homepage at -

If you are an artist and would like to participate in my upcoming co-op global newsletter please contact me! I will add you to our growing email list.


Girl with the Pink Bow - Oil - by todd v copyright 2005 Posted by Hello

Joy of Love - by todd v copyright 2005 Posted by Hello

It takes a Primary Village - by todd v copyright 2005 Posted by Hello

Bubble Pop Electric - by todd v  Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Welcome to the todd v blog...

I am just testing this puppy out. I really don't have anything to say right now, nor do I know when to tell you to come back...
How 'bout this... just add me to your favorites (you know you have a million dead links in there anyway.) and, you know, like a year or two from now, when you come across the link in your favs, just remember to click on the link before you delete it, and see if I wrote anything else.

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