Thursday, March 17, 2005

Are you an artist, a gallery owner....

Are you an artist, a gallery owner, or do you know an artist or gallery owner? If you do, you should tell them about! is an online showcase of artists from all over the world. Our massive size helps our artists be found! There are several different membership options, including a FREE one. We have all kinds of cool tools, and features to help you maximize your career. At the very least - visit us!

Also, if you want to reach a whole new audience with your art - why not sign up for the Global Art Listings? We are about to begin sending out targeted emails to patrons, galleries, and other artists very soon. If you would like to add your information to our listing please contact us!

If you are in Northeast Ohio YOU NEED The Cleveland Canvas ( We are a monthly arts and cultural newsletter that goes out to thousands of subscribers every month. If you are an artist you should send in your press releases, and if you love art, you should sign up!

Thats enough advertising for now!


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