Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More cool developments!

I have been selected as one of only 10 artists to complete a special commemerative painting for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Sonsored by the Rock Hall "Ten of the city's hottest artitsts have been asked to create a work of art that expresses what 10 years of the Rock Hall in Cleveland means to them". I am very excited to be a part of this 'historic' event, and I am creating a very experimental piece. It utilizes some of my existing techniques with some totally new things incorporated into the design. I am using some new materials and some salvaged items to create a piece that makes an old electirc guitar look like its a fossil.

The idea behind the piece is to say, that the Rock Hall is like a modern history of popular culture. Much of what we take for granted today in our culture was born out of this musical movement. And without the electric guitar, there is no rock n roll! So I wanted to make a piece that would look like something you might find a couple of thousand years after today, and scientists would make all kinds of interesting reports on, suggesting where the guitar came from and who played it an so on...

I am going to document the creation of this piece, and once its done I will put up a short video on my website to share this creative process with you all!

See you soon.


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